10+ Best Anonymous Feedback Tools & Methods You Need (2024)

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The best companies and teams are often the ones that pay heed to what the team members have to say. After all, peer feedback (employee feedback) contributes massively to a team’s growth and success.

However, employees generally fear speaking their minds and sharing honest feedback. Let’s face it — sharing honest feedback at work can be scary. You never know how your peers will receive the feedback and if it could impact your working relationship.

As a business owner, how can you strategize employee feedback collection to make sure you receive honest feedback from all the employees (leaders, managers, and entry-level)? Here’s your solution — Anonymous Feedback tools.

In this extensive guide, we will learn about using anonymous feedback tools, their benefits, and some of the best anonymous employee feedback tools available on the market. Let’s get started!

Table of contents
What is an anonymous employee feedback tool?
What are the benefits of anonymous employee honest feedback?
Top 10 best anonymous feedback tools for businesses
1. JustFeedback
2. Bonusly
3. Vevox
4. Spidergap
5. Whistle Blowers
6. Incogneato
7. Poll Everywhere
8. SurveyMonkey
9. Mopinion
10. Jotform
11. Leapsome

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What is an anonymous employee feedback tool?

An anonymous feedback tool is essentially an online platform that employees across all departments and levels can use to submit honest feedback about their work experiences — anonymously.

Since the feedback is honest, it can be both positive and negative and can be directed at almost anyone in the organization.

The idea behind using anonymous employee feedback tools is to allow employees to speak their minds and heart in an organization without having to think about potential repercussions. The tool facilitates absolute anonymity.

What are the benefits of anonymous employee honest feedback?

There are several benefits of collecting anonymous employee feedback.

The most important of them all is the development of a judgment-free zone that contributes to a healthy work environment.

It tends to build trust between the employees, especially team members and allows them to bring up and discuss rough topics/issues without experiencing hostility.

Moreover, asking for anonymous employee feedback shows that you care about your employees and their happiness. Taking this initiative only helps managers discover issues and problems that weren’t talked about earlier.

Anonymous performance feedback gives managers the opportunity to resolve the issues before they turn into internal conflicts impacting employees’ performance and the work environment.

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Top 10+ best anonymous feedback tools for businesses

1. JustFeedback

anonymous feedback justfeedback

With JustFeedback you can collect feedback from your customers across channels in minutes.

It’s quick to setup and begin collecting feedback, plus JustFeedback takes care of all the collection and analysis for you.

Create a range of surveys, including Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) and Net Promoter Score® (NPS®).

2. Bonusly

anonymous feedback bonusly

If you are a beginner and want to make the most of anonymous employee feedback, we suggest you consider Bonusly.

This is because this anonymous feedback tool is quite fun and easy to use and gives your team an opportunity to share honest feedback.

You can even integrate the tool with your employee recognition and rewards program and make the feedback process more efficient and straightforward.

While you use the tool to recognize deserving employees, you can also collect employee feedback by integrating it with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat, HipChat, and more. Solid integration, delivered!

3. Vevox

anonymous feedback vevox

Are you a business owner that conducts frequent hybrid meetings? Well, we have a special anonymous and candid feedback tool you may use to make the most of the meetings and collect anonymous employee feedback.

Vevox is a tool designed to use in hybrid meetings and provides excellent integration, especially with Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint.

The tool ensures no limit on the number of anonymous feedback questions, polls, and word clouds that you can build and share with the employees. However, these top features are only available in its paid plans.

4. Spidergap

anonymous feedback spidergap

Not every business is the same and not every team in a company functions the same.

Keeping this fact in mind, managers must realize that the tools required to collect anonymous feedback should also be customized in a way that facilitates easy feedback collection and analysis.

Moreover, the way the feedback questions are designed also has a massive impact on the results.

Spidergap is an anonymous feedback tool that allows managers and business owners to build customizable online feedback surveys and individual action plans.

Not just that, Spidergap is designed to scale as your company grows! However, you can scale the tool to only 50,000 employees.

5. Whistle Blowers

anonymous feedback whistleblowersoftware

We know managers and business owners do their best to ensure a healthy work environment.

While the idea behind using anonymous feedback tools is to collect constructive criticism, there are times when employees want to report certain incidents and behaviors that they just cannot share in person.

This is where anonymous employee feedback tools like Whistle Blowers come to the rescue.

Whistle Blowers is an anonymous feedback tool that allows employees to submit feedback anonymously, especially to report abusive behavior in any typical work environment. However, the tool cannot be used to submit general constructive criticism.

6. Incogneato

anonymous feedback ???

What if we told you, you can conduct an anonymous feedback survey by asking employees to submit answers in an anonymous feedback box or free suggestion box while conducting a real-time anonymous chat?

With Incogneato, business owners can achieve precisely the same, however, in a much more organized and professional way.

This anonymous employee feedback tool can also be used to conduct the survey within or outside the platform!

Incogneato enables all this to ensure business owners can collect an unlimited number of employee suggestions.

But the features come with a huge price tag. After all, the multi-question feedback boxes feature comes only with the highest-level pricing plan.

7. Poll Everywhere

anonymous feedback incognea

Do you find yourself interacting with your team mostly through virtual meetings? Well, we have a reliable anonymous feedback tool suitable just for you.

Poll Everywhere is an anonymous employee feedback tool that can function in virtual meetings as well as in-person meetings. You can program it to ask as many anonymous feedback questions in real time.

The unending number of formats make the feedback questions all the more exciting and interesting. You can ask quizzes, word clouds, and conduct online polling — all of this while ensuring complete anonymity.

The best part about using Poll Everywhere is that there is no cap on the number of feedback questions you can ask at every meeting (virtual or in-person).

8. SurveyMonkey

anonymous feedback surveymonkey

One of the most sought-after survey apps on the market is certainly SurveyMonkey. This is because the tool makes for an excellent anonymous feedback tool as well.

As a business owner, you can compile a wide range of anonymous employee feedback questions by using the pre-designed templates. But that’s not it.

Once you share the survey with the employees, you can rely on the tool to collect feedback discreetly, so you can analyze it later with the team.

However, you will have to purchase the enterprise tier to ensure proper and seamless integration. The business plans for SurveyMonkey start at $25 per user per month.

9. Mopinion

anonymous feedback mopinion

We want you to create a solid, reliable, and seamless digital experience for your employees when they participate in the feedback submission exercise.

And no other anonymous feedback tool does a better job than Mopinion.

The tool is designed to collect feedback about the customer experience, to further improve the customer retention strategy, and boost overall engagement.

10. Jotform

anonymous feedback jotform

Another big hitter on the list is Jotform, an anonymous feedback platform with over 10 million users!

This free-to-use online survey tool doesn’t require you to program it. You can use its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to develop highly effective and customizable anonymous feedback surveys to function during specific occasions.

Jotform also allows you to set up conditional logic to make more sense out of the surveys — all this without having to write a single line of code.

Once you prepare the survey, you can just embed it on your website or share it with your team members via a link. Jotform ensures HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliance and has a reasonably good analytics feature.

11. Leapsome

anonymous feedback leapsome

Concluding the list with one of the leading anonymous feedback tools on the market — Leapsome.

This employee feedback tool is designed to conduct continuous and real-time feedback drives that boost employee performance and the quality of the work environment.

The idea behind using Leapsome is to ensure the employees are on the path of continuous development.

To ensure that, the tool allows business owners and managers to access a library of best practices and resources that fosters a culture of continuous learning. You can collect both open-ended and predefined feedback through Leapsome.

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How to collect anonymous feedback?

Indeed, now you have an extensive list of anonymous feedback tools. But, you should just pick any tool and run with it.

Instead, we suggest you look for certain factors while making a purchasing decision. First, make sure the anonymous employee feedback tool really ensures complete anonymity.

Second, figure out if the tool allows for real-time feedback collection during presentations and meetings. Third, check if the tool facilitates extensive integrations. After all, you want a tool that easily integrates with your existing internal communication channels.

The other factors you’d want to consider are accessibility, customizations, a variety of questions, analysis, and reporting. Did you find this post helpful? Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!

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