How To Create Brand Surveys That Work? (+ Boost Loyalty)

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Modern-day marketing relies on personalization and branding to create a long-lasting impression on customers.

If your marketing strategy depends on tactics that are generic and mundane, you will most likely fail to lure customers into purchasing your products and services.

Let alone achieve customer loyalty or satisfaction. Here’s what you need — branded collateral. And most importantly, a branded survey that lets respondents know that you wish to learn more about them.

In this post, we will talk about branded surveys, their importance in marketing, best practices, and ways you can create your own branded surveys.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Table of contents
What are branded surveys?
Importance of branded surveys for a company
How to create brand surveys that work?
1. Customize the survey design
2. Create custom paths for respondents
3. Add personalization
4. Mix up the questions
5. Shortlist the medium of distribution
Best practices for running branded survey

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What are branded surveys?

How do you define branded surveys? Well, branded surveys are essentially marketing tools that companies use to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty in order to achieve an overview of changing consumer preferences.

With branded surveys, you can collect insights about your brand’s goals and objectives. But, how are branded surveys different from standard surveys? You see, most standard surveys in the market brim with generic questions and generic responses.

While the objectives of branded and standard surveys might be the same, the approach to response collection is entirely different.

Branded surveys focus more on the company’s objectives and target audience. Not just that, these also consider key metrics that help measure customer loyalty.

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Importance of branded surveys for a company

Now that you understand what branded surveys are, here are the reasons why you might want to implement them at your company —

1. Make customers feel valued

Brands that listen to their customers often do well in the market. This is because their customer base trusts them and knows that their opinions matter.

Branded surveys allow customers to speak their hearts, which helps build a deeper business-customer relationship.

2. Generate a higher response rate

Seeking responses on an unmarked or unbranded survey is an exercise in futility because customers would want to respond only to a brand they know.

Branded surveys seem legitimate and your logo on the survey encourages recipients to share thoughtful responses.

3. Increase brand awareness

Sending branded surveys, especially when a customer has passed through a crucial touchpoint, works because the experience is quite fresh in the customers’ minds.

As they interact with the branded survey, they tend to recognize and retain your brand identity, which eventually helps boost brand awareness.

4. Influence brand perception

Do you want your target audience to have a positive perception of your brand? Invest in branded survey sites as these can be customized according to your specific needs.

You can effectively personalize the survey language and choose an appropriate distribution method as well — hitting the right people at the right time on the right platform.

5. Boost customer loyalty and satisfaction

Nothing’s better than a customer who is satisfied and loyal to your brand. How can you ensure customer loyalty?

The feedback collected through branded surveys allows you to gain insights into what customers like or dislike about your products and services. The insights can be used to make adjustments.

6. Enhance marketing efforts

Branded surveys let you know about how customers see your brand.

The insights gathered can be extremely valuable to your company as you can build a superior marketing strategy on it.

With the information, you can bolster or add brand values or messaging to your existing strategy.

7. Achieve better competitor analysis

If you want to achieve market dominance, you must use branded surveys as a tool to compare your performance with competitors.

Branded surveys can help you understand how your brand is perceived in the market. The insights can be used to strengthen your branding and marketing strategy.

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How to create brand surveys that work?

If you are convinced about the effectiveness of branded surveys, let’s dive deeper and learn ways you can create branded surveys of your own —

1. Customize the survey design

Customization is key in any branded survey. In this, you will have to check the colors, text, font, backgrounds, and questions that will be added to the survey.

Make sure you assign the images and fonts that match your brand’s personality. Moreover, encourage the marketing and research team to develop visually appealing surveys.

2. Create custom paths for respondents

You don’t just want the survey to look good. It should also function to perfection. When personalizing surveys, you should want to send the right surveys to the right people.

This can be enabled by creating custom paths for each respondent. So, make sure your branded survey platform allows you to do that.

3. Add personalization

While personalizing the branded survey design, you might also want to personalize survey content.

To achieve that, you will have to include the names of the survey takers in the content to give the email a personal touch.

Adding names to the questions helps boost respondent engagement.

4. Mix up the questions

Again, you’d want to move away from generic questions and approach branded surveys with creativity.

Mix up the question types like multiple-choice questions, opinion scales, Net Promoter Score surveys, and others to keep the respondents engaged.

This strategy will not just boost respondent engagement but also encourage thoughtful responses.

5. Shortlist the medium of distribution

You will have to nail branded survey distribution to achieve the desired results.

You can establish distribution by shortlisting all the viable mediums like text messages, phone calls, emails, and others. The idea is to reach the right people through the right channels.

Therefore, this will require extensive market research.

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Best practices for running branded survey

Now that you are well-acquainted with using branded surveys, we highly recommend these best practices to create a branded survey that works with perfection —

1. Care for your design

Survey design matters. This is because it is the first thing that makes a direct impression on recipients’ minds.

We suggest you start by customizing different elements of the survey like fonts, colors, and overall style.

When you customize, make sure the elements match your brand’s personality. In other words, you will have to care about the branded survey design and the impact it will have on the recipients.

2. Create a theme that will last

Brand recognition is key to successful online marketing. As a brand, you cannot keep changing your brand theme and personality.

You will have to stick with one theme for a long time in order to develop a lasting impression on your target audience.

The same goes for branded surveys. So, create a branded survey theme that helps recipients recognize your brand. If recipients open your survey and recognize the brand, your job is done.

3. Focus on your own brand

This is a practice that might make you spend more, but will definitely be worth it. If you are using a platform, like Survey Monkey, you will see that the platform sends its logo as well on every email.

If you value brand recognition and awareness, we highly recommend purchasing platforms or plans that allow you to customize the email footer.

4. Make your survey sites unique

While customizing the branded survey will eventually make it unique to your brand, you might not know if your competitors are using the same style.

This is why we suggest you conduct extensive competitor research to see what style of branded surveys they send.

Once you have the insights, it will become easier to develop branded surveys that are truly unique to your company.

5. Direct respondents to the official site

Where do you want the respondents to go once they have finished the survey? Well, you have options to choose from. You can direct them to a landing page, and offer discounts, or special offers.

You can even direct them to your official business website.

The latter option opens the possibility of introducing the respondents to any new product launch or latest blog content.

They may even connect with your reps upon landing on your business website.

Final thoughts!

There you have it. We shared everything you need to understand how branded surveys work. Now that you have learned about its importance and best practices, how soon do you think you can implement branded surveys?

Well, it might take time for you to come up with an efficient branded survey strategy.

But, you should keep pushing towards personalization and branding to make your marketing strategy work.

Moreover, the fact that branded surveys can be tailored to meet specific needs makes it all the more important for you to add them to your marketing tools inventory.

Did you find this post helpful? Stay tuned for more informative posts in the future.

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