10 Best Feedback Forms That Get Results (2024)

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An excellent customer experience pays back. And the numbers say for themselves.

Did you know almost 52 percent of customers tend to pay more if subjected to an incredible customer experience?

But how will you ever know what your target audience is looking for in terms of buying experience?

This is where feedback forms come into the picture. Businesses across the world rely on feedback forms to collect customer insights.

You can deploy your own feedback form to let customers speak their minds and build a positive impression on them.

If you haven’t used customer feedback forms for your business, this guide is a perfect start.

Table of contents
What is customer feedback?
Why businesses must create a feedback form?
10 best feedback forms you can use to get results
1. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
2. Customer Effort Score (CES)
3. Feature satisfaction
4. User expectation
5. Product pricing
6. User persona
7. User experience
8. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
9. User activation
10. User motivation

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What is customer feedback?

Customer feedback is generally defined as information customers share with a company, mostly regarding the experience they had while interacting with it.

The feedback forms used to collect feedback can capture insights, reactions, complaints, opinions, or customer preferences — helping brands design better customer experience strategies.

Some of the prime examples of customer feedback are customer service feedback, surveys, reviews, customer success feedback, returns, support ticket spikes, social media posts, comments, and overall sales.

To collect them, businesses use feedback forms like emails, standalone forms, pop-ups, chatbots, and more.

However, the most common types of customer feedback remain the ones we have discussed in some of our previous posts.

I.e., customer satisfaction survey, user experience survey, net promoter score, customer effort score, customer information form, problem identifier feedback forms, and others.

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Why businesses must create a feedback form?

But why even care about sending customer feedback forms? Is customer experience that important for business success? The short answer is — Yes.

We suggest you create feedback forms as customer feedback is a major pillar that keeps a brand standing tall amidst fierce competition.

With customer feedback, companies can align their CX strategies and ensure a seamless and impeccable experience when customers interact with their brand.

Moreover, feedback forms allow companies to collect customer feedback, which can be used to make insightful and customer-centric decisions.

Here are some of the other key reasons you should implement customer feedback forms in 2024.

  • Makes it easier for customers to share their opinions
  • Helps companies generate real-time reports for overall business improvement.
  • The responses help companies get to know their customers more.
  • Get an understanding of issues customers are more likely to run into.
  • Make insightful predictions about changing customer behavior.
  • Companies listening to their customers’ opinions are likely to gain their trust.
  • Allows brands to know how likely customers are to recommend their brands.
  • Use forms to collect feedback about the quality of content on websites and apps.
  • Get an idea of the effort-intensiveness of tasks related to CX improvement.
  • Use the information to develop a better understanding of CX for stakeholders.

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10 best feedback forms you can use to get results

Let’s dive deeper and discuss some of the best feedback forms you can use in 2024 to get results.

1. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We have discussed how Net Promoter Score works in many of our previous posts. You can use the NPS survey in your feedback forms to measure customer loyalty.

With these feedback forms, you can measure how likely customers are to recommend your brand to their friends and family members. With the NPS feedback form, you can even predict business growth.

2. Customer Effort Score (CES)

Customer Effort Score questionnaires are quite common as modern-day businesses push toward decreased customer effort during an interaction.

The focus here is customer effort reduction. Hence the questions asked in the feedback form prioritize effort, not satisfaction.

The idea behind using the Customer Effort Score (CES) feedback form is to ensure ease of use and improved customer retention.

3. Feature satisfaction

Brands adding new features to their applications or products want to know if their users like them or not.

Similarly, they would want to know how well the existing features gel with users’ needs and demands.

With user satisfaction feedback form, brands can get an idea of what customers miss the most and what should be developed to boost UX.

4. User expectation

It’s imperative for businesses to fathom customer expectations.

The user expectations feedback form is an excellent opportunity to solicit customer expectations and demands and learn about their changing product preferences.

With these feedback forms, one can generate insights around factors like design, functionality, price, and application. The insights also help add more value to users and boost conversion rates.

5. Product pricing

Price is a make-or-break factor for both customers and brands. It is a factor that impacts both the customers and business owners.

Therefore, brands should use the pricing feedback form to collect feedback from users about the amount they are willing to pay for the product.

This would lead to price optimization and more customer satisfaction.

6. User persona

As part of market research, a user persona feedback form allows brands to develop an effective understanding of the target audience.

The feedback form helps dive deeper into user persona, motivations, needs, behaviors, and queries. With the information solicited, brands can develop better and more user-friendly product experiences.

7. User experience

The feedback form used for customer feedback surveys like user experience helps businesses improve their offerings.

The idea behind using user experience feedback forms is to develop advanced product designs, ensure superior usability, and achieve greater satisfaction ratings.

With user experience feedback forms, you can reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction.

8. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Customer satisfaction surveys, as we have discussed in our previous posts, tend to present an accurate state of customers’ perception of your brand.

Businesses deploying CSAT feedback forms find it easier to identify improvement opportunities and collect feedback data across customer service, sales, and churn.

Businesses should prioritize the results from the CSAT feedback form.

9. User activation

As a business owner, you want your customers fully immersed in the experience of using your products. How can you gauge that?

With user activation feedback forms, brands can interact with customers and figure out what stops them from fully engaging with their products.

Such feedback forms make it easier to improve user activation rate and boost ROI.

10. User motivation

Businesses that acknowledge factors and variables that drive positive customer experiences tend to dominate the market.

To learn what motivates your customers, you can implement a user motivation feedback form as it provides a glimpse into the needs and wants of the audience.

With the user motivation feedback form, you can effectively communicate your USP as well.

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Feedback form software you can implement for success

There are tons of good feedback form templates available on the internet. If you are looking for a royalty-free feedback form template, you should check out these —

1. JotForm

If you are looking for variety, JotForm is the tool you need. Why? JotForm provides over 300 feedback form templates to choose from.

When scrolling through the wide assortment of feedback forms, you can simply choose a feedback form template and download it on-demand. The templates are designed for unique use cases too!

2. Typeform

Typeform is certainly the king of feedback form templates as it comes up with excellent feedback and survey forms you can customize for your business needs.

The templates also offer extraordinary designs and are coupled with background images for better impact. Customization is the big thing on Typeform.

3. Formstack

Formstack allows users to browse through feedback form templates categorized by form and type. In other words, you can choose a form based on your specific business requirements.

All you have to do is sign up for a free trial and access over a hundred forms on their portal. Simplicity-driven automation is Formstack’s key attribute.

4. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is another highly result-oriented and good feedback form template that can function as a website feedback form, employee feedback form, and customer feedback form.

You can simply download the templates from their website and use them whenever you are planning to build better CX strategies. Create a feedback form with Smartsheet as they are easy to use and quick to deploy.

5. FormCrafts

If you are new to using or building feedback forms, you should check out FormCrafts. The brand is known for building easy-to-use customer feedback form template and providing users with easy-to-understand insights through analytics.

Once you create a free account, FormCrafts will provide you access to six different customer feedback forms.

Final thoughts

Now that you are well-acquainted with the concept of customer feedback forms and templates, how soon are you planning to create a feedback form and test it out?

Sooner is better, as customer behaviors tend to change quickly, rendering your existing CX strategies dated and irrelevant.

Moreover, your focus should also be on supporting your CX team with the right tools and equipment to develop a strong and worthwhile customer experience design and strategy.

With the right set of tools and software, the task of developing forms and collecting feedback becomes less effort- and time-intensive. Did you find this post on the feedback form template helpful? Get in touch and let us know.

Also, stay tuned as we share more informative articles in the upcoming posts.

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