Grow Your Business With JustFeedback. Quick Start Guide!

Grow Your Business With JustFeedback

Feedback is essential for success. That’s where JustFeedback can help!

When it comes to growing your business, always remember to keep the customer at the core of what you do. They’ll guide you on your path to success and will be your greatest supporters, and toughest critics! So as you scale and grow, keep this in mind.

In this starter guide, we’ll show you exactly how you can grow your business with our user experience tools. So you can figure out exactly what your users love (or hate) about your business.

Let’s be open, of course this is a shameless plug for how awesome JustFeedback is! But, along the way hopefully you’ll gain some important insights into exactly what you need to do as you begin taking your business growth the next stage.

We’ll cover some important areas you should be considering and which of our tools you should use at each stage to maximise the chances for growth.

What do we do here at JustFeedback?
You need Feedback, Feedback & more Feedback!
Understand your customer journey
Use the right survey at the right time
Remember to follow up
Keep monitoring feedback

What do we do here at JustFeedback?

We’ll keep it simple. We provide powerful survey tools that make it quick and easy to get feedback from your users anywhere.

With the results you get from your users, you can see exactly how your users feel about your business, so you can get valuable insights.

You can then use that feedback data to improve your product to drive more sales!

You need Feedback, Feedback & more Feedback!

You can never have enough customer feedback. It’s critical to the success of any business! Especially today, when it’s easy to find reviews in seconds. If someone sees a bad review, they may never bother to visit your site at all!

As the famous saying goes “The customer is always right”, and this is absolutely true. Loyal happy customers can be your greatest champion and drive business growth. However, unhappy customers can cause serious damage to your brand.

It’s important to track feedback at every stage of the customer journey, from when they first interact and beyond completing a purchase. This way you can understand every stage of your customer journey, and determine exactly what needs to be fixed (if anything) and where it needs to be fixed.

Understand your customer journey

This is the entire journey that a customer takes when they interact with your business. It could start long before they even land on your site, the start it literally when they first hear about your business.

Hopefully the journey never ends, and the customer turns into loyal repeat business. With this in mind, let’s take a look at each key stage of the customer journey, and which JustFeedback survey you should deploy at that stage.

1. The visitor lands on your website

Let’s ignore (for now) the research stage and assume the journey begins when the visitor first lands on your website. This is the critical time, because you can lose a visitor very easily. For example, a poor landing page design or long load time.

So for this stage the survey we recommend deploying is our Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT). These surveys are great for finding out how your visitor feels, and how they’d rate you at a very early stage.

A common question here could be something along the lines of “how was your experience today?”. Keep it short and simple, because the visitor is still new, so we should use their time wisely.

If you find that you have a good CSAT score, typically a score of 4+ is great, then keep doing what you’re doing!

But if it’s low, then you need to really dig into the feedback users give and fix it. A low CSAT score could prevent your business ever getting off the ground.

2. The visitor becomes a customer

Moving on, let’s imagine your visitor is happy and loving your site! So they go on to buy your product, amazing! But the hard work is still to come. We need to be sure the customer is happy.

Here’s where the Customer Experience Survey (CES) can help. These types of surveys run on a scale of 1 – 7 and are designed to figure how if a customer had a good experience or not. This is critical to get right, because if the customer isn’t happy, then expect them to initiate a refund fairly soon!

A typical CES question might look like “How much do you agree to the following: The product I bought did exactly what was promised”. You see, these types of surveys ask for agreement for a specific question.

Here the goal is to aim for a score of at least 5.5+.

Anything less could mean customers never return, or even ask for a refund! Also, expect these unhappy customers to get vocal on social media and public review sites, so be sure to stay seriously on top of your CES score.

3. The customer turns into a repeat buyer

But… the hard work isn’t over yet. Now we need to leverage our loyal customers and get them to be promoters who champion our brand. Social proofing is powerful to drive growth, and this is where Net Promoter Score® (NPS) surveys help.

An NPS survey has a rating scale from 0 – 10, where anyone who gives a rating of between 0 – 6 is a detractor, 7 – 8 is a passive, and 9 – 10 are promoters.

  • We absolutely do not want detractors, these people can cause serious brand damage by leaving negative reviews on social media.
  • Passives are those that are satisfied but not raving about the product.
  • Promoters are the ones you want! These people will champion your product, tell their friends and help grow your business… for FREE!

You see promoters are essentially acting like free sales agents! The more promoters you can get, the more people you have out there talking and promoting your business. Which in turn helps drive more growth for you.

Use the right survey at the right time

You see we have a range of survey tools for you to use. But the key here is to use the correct survey at the correct time. You can of course pick any survey at anytime, but if you have a process like that described above you’ll find it much easier to drive growth and long-term success.

We also have a range of advanced targeting filters to make it easier to focus on specific user segments. So if you want to target visitors on specific pages, on their second visit on just a mobile device. You can do that! Be as broad or as targeted as you want, we’ve built the tools you’ll need.

Remember to follow up

Getting feedback is just the start. Remember to follow up with your respondents, especially those that leave negative feedback. Don’t be disheartened if you get poor feedback from anyone, just reach out to them and offer support to make things right.

You can capture your visitors email addresses either via our API or by asking the user to leave their email address once they’ve answered. With JustFeedback you have all the tools you need to focus on getting feedback and drive business growth!

Keep monitoring feedback

Hopefully with the above, you’ll see great growth. But remember, when you’re at the top, there’s no guarantee that you’ll stay there. So continue to monitor your feedback scores regularly, and act on negative feedback as quickly as possible.

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