Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Important?

Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys are Important

Let’s put it like it is – customer satisfaction is a complicated metric to measure. And that’s primarily because it is governed by several known and unknown factors. Should you care about customer satisfaction?

Well, as you dive deeper into the post, you see the importance of monitoring your customer feedback and why it should be seen as one of the most important parts of any business. So important, it can make or break your business!

That’s why you survey the customers regularly and encourage them to share feedback. In this post, we’ll discuss some important customer satisfaction survey types. So, stay with us till the very end. Let’s get started!

Table of contents
What are customer satisfaction surveys?
Types of customer satisfaction surveys
Ten reasons to conduct customer satisfaction surveys

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What are customer satisfaction surveys?

Customer satisfaction surveys are questionnaires designed to help businesses better understand their market and how customers feel about their products, services, and the brand in general.

The surveys help understand whether or not a company is able to meet customer expectations.

This is a proven way to improve and optimize the user experience and gain an edge over your competition. As a brand, you will want to delight or keep your customers happy all the time.

Such customers turn out to be promoters of your brand as they will want to talk about their delightful customer experience with your company. This way, you will leverage referral marketing and skyrocket your business growth.

Types of customer satisfaction surveys

There are several types of customer satisfaction surveys you need to know. Let us briefly discuss the five most common types of customer satisfaction surveys before sharing reasons you should double down on them.

Net Promoter Survey

Net Promoter Survey or NPS asks customers how likely they are to recommend a product or service to their friends or colleagues. Companies use NPS to measure customer loyalty and overall customer sentiment.

We have covered Net Promoter Surveys in great detail in our blog. Feel free to check them out, as these are some of the most effective customer satisfaction measurement tools.

2. Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey or CSAT helps brands measure customers’ satisfaction with a product or service. Brands ask customers how they will rate their overall satisfaction with the products and services they used or interacted with.

These are different from NPS as the latter measures customer loyalty.

3. Post-Purchase Survey

Post-Purchase Surveys are essentially event-based surveys sent to customers once they make a purchase or hire your company. These surveys help get feedback on a specific customer experience.

4. Product or Service Development Survey

Companies conduct Product or Service Development Survey as a part of concept testing. In this, the brands try to find if the existing customers will purchase a new product they are about to launch.

The survey helps understand if the product is profitable and the improvements one can bring in it before hitting the shelf.

5. Usability Survey

Usability surveys allow brands to create superior customer experiences. They use the surveys to find whether or not customers like their website, customer support service, and other functionalities.

You can bring significant improvements in customer experience by making the suggested changes in website design, navigation, and content.

Ten reasons to conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Although a customer satisfaction survey is a traditional marketing research method, brands have not ceased to use it.

After all, its effectiveness has quadrupled with the advancement of technology. It has become a crucial addition to a typical advanced digital marketing strategy.

Here are the top ten reasons why customer satisfaction surveys are important.

1. Measure customer loyalty (most important)

What do Coca-Cola, KFC, Apple, Microsoft, and other big brands have in common? And what makes them stand out from brands that are trying to become them?

It’s customer loyalty. Such brands value customers and leverage the power of customer satisfaction surveys, especially the Net Promoter Score survey.

An NPS survey helps brands, regardless of size, determine the likelihood of the customers recommending the products and services to their network. You can collect the data, measure the NPS score, and begin making changes to improve the score.

2. Track and predict customers’ buying behavior

Consumer behavior is an immensely debated topic in the marketing world. Tracking and analyzing the customers’ buying behavior and habits will eventually help you improve your products and services in the quest to develop a seamless customer experience.

Data gathered over a long period of time will also help you predict customer behavior. However, you will have to stay patient and hone your analytical skills to make the most out of a customer satisfaction survey.

3. Prioritizing business aspects that matter most

You can change so many things to improve the customer experience.

But, it’s crucial that you set foot in the right direction when optimizing your business process to achieve a seamless and efficient customer experience. Customer satisfaction surveys help you identify the areas that impact the customer the most

You can then work on what your customers want most. The surveys generate enough data to figure out aspects of your business that you must optimize to produce a better customer experience.

4. Conduct customer experience analysis

How would you ever know how customers feel after using your products? Following up with the customers after they made a purchase and a few days after they used the product will help you get a deeper insight into the customer experience.

Customer experience analysis enables companies to strengthen the connection between themselves and customers.

5. Leverage word-of-mouth and referral marketing

Promoters or loyal customers, or brand advocates help businesses grow quickly. Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest form of marketing, and thankfully, it is still relevant today.

Customer satisfaction surveys, especially the Net Promoter Score survey, helps determine loyal customers.

You can engage in discussion with such customers and encourage them to leave feedback or bring in more customers.

6. Developing a solid business-customer relationship

Surveys help foster a strong business-customer relationship. They have a huge capacity to build customer trust. Such surveys work well to ensure customers know who you are and encourage them to come back.

Customer satisfaction surveys are essential because they make the customers think about your brand and how the purchased product affects them.

Thus, they connect with your business and remember your brand. That’s a solid start to a robust business-customer relationship.

7. Surveys help figure out why customers leave

Why are the customers leaving? Customer satisfaction surveys help determine why targeted prospects leave before making a purchase. These allow brands to identify loopholes in inbound marketing campaigns.

However, you will need to ask them the right questions. The surveys will also help you figure out whether or not the prospects will come back and make a purchase.

8. Discover new sources for customer acquisition

Digital marketing has helped brands leverage several marketing channels (distribution channels) to reach their customers.

However, with an increasing number of such channels, it has become challenging to determine the channel(s) they should double down on.

Customer surveys help find your most significant distribution channels, which eventually helps you reach more targeted potential customers.

9. Conducting a survey is easier than you think

Couple customer satisfaction surveys with digital marketing, and you will have enough samples to analyze in an instance. Online channels like social media, websites, mobile applications, and more can help you reach hundreds of people in a matter of seconds.

You can send the questionnaire out and get immediate feedback. Make the customer survey engaging, and you will have data from customers that are more than willing to share their experience with you.

10. It helps show you care for customers

Brand reputation depends a lot on how you treat customers. And how you treat customers reflects on the customer satisfaction survey. To create a healthy and working relationship with your customers, you will have to spend time listening to what they have to say.

When you conduct a customer satisfaction survey, customers feel that their opinion matters. Don’t just ask for feedback; implement the feedback in your business and improve their customer experience.

Keep reading!

Customer satisfaction surveys have stood the test of time and show how relevant a customer’s voice is. The data collected through such surveys reflects on how close companies are to their customer base.

It is not just one of the fastest ways to get customer feedback; it is also an essential tool to stay competitive in the modern-day marketing world. Did you find the reasons mentioned above convincing?

Take a look at some of our other articles for more on getting the most from your customer surveys!

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